Every Child Deserves a Good Start

You Are Not Alone: Is getting kids ready for life important to you?

The Equal Head Start team is truly heartened by the response to our video “You Are Not Alone” which received such high viewership and shares, sparking so many conversations surrounding childhood and parenthood in Singapore. If you have not watched it, check it out here.

Many viewers caught on to the point that play is an important part of childhood and that learning life skills is critical to part of a child’s development. It is as important, if not more so, as building one’s academic foundations.

For those who still disagree, hear it from this lady about her regrets regarding her childhood, or rather lack thereof:michelle

We also hear from some individuals who missed out on play in their own childhood and are determined to bring up their children a different way. And it seems from the number of likes he gathered, he is not alone in his thinking:

Increasingly, more and more parents are seeing the value in giving their children socialising opportunities and outdoor fun. Balance is the key: sharon

We are glad to know children today are still having old-school fun at the playground with friends, instead of being stuck in a chair in front of a computer or mentally confined to a gadget. One knowing reader delves deeper into the concept of learning through play and the role parents can, literally, play in this:

Besides, it is through play that children can discover their gifts and talents. Like this mother who says it like it is:mauryn

Even those without children appreciated the message being shared:jia-ying

One shared deep thoughts that made us ponder…

Some may think that we are downplaying the contributions of childcare centres or pre-schools in the heartlands. We are definitely not. In fact, we believe that every school tries its best to offer learning in different forms to children under their care. And those which offer activities that allow children to learn life skills through seemingly mundane day-to-day tasks, should also be lauded for their efforts.banananutcrunch

Besides encouraging your children to excel academically, placing focus on equipping them with life skills would surely be beneficial. Life skills like resilience, compassion, and responsibility, will see them through life as stronger individuals.

What do you think? How much playtime do you think children should have? What kind of skills can be learnt through play? Will you join these couples in their mutual affirmation about the kind of childhood they want for their children?


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