Every Child Deserves a Good Start

Principal Ainul
“Appa, you long time didn’t come already.”

Wide-eyed and adorable, Kannan and Kavitha are a pair of twins (a boy and a girl) enrolled in a childcare centre.

Tragically, their dad met with an untimely death when they were only three years of age.

Death is a difficult concept for toddlers to grasp. To help the twins understand where their father has gone, the teachers at the preschool introduced them to concepts like heaven or told them that their dad has gone on a long journey.

Raising two kids alone wasn’t easy for the widowed single mum to the kids. With the help of the centre, as well as her own father and mother, Madam Shanti could cope with taking care of the kids while keeping her day job in the uniformed services.

Ainul (pictured above), the principal of the childcare centre, related to me that the twins very close to each other and often played with each other in preschool.

One day, the twins were playing with a toy telephone. They “dialled” on the phone and spoke into the receiver: “Appa (Tamil for father), you long time didn’t come already.”

When the principal heard that, she couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down her eyes. Hearing the story myself, my eyes grew moist too.

Through the centre’s efforts, the twin boy and girl was able to progress well. Their widowed mother and grandparents were so grateful that they frequently wrote very glowing reviews of the centre.

Do you know of any young kids who have lost a parent? What could you do to help them cope better?

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